Blogroll Update

Okay, forever and a day has passed, and I’ve finally made my blogroll and my feed reader consist of the same blogs.

I’m positive that I have left people out. This was not on purpose. This was most likely due to my being an idiot. If you are one that was left out, I apologize. Please let me know and I’ll fix it. Do it quick while I’ve got the bug. This bus only runs about once every 3 months.

Speaking of blogs, there were a few that I deleted due to their having disappeared, such as Jay, aka “The Zero Boss,” who most of you know had personal matters that far outweighed his blogging obligations, heavy as they were; and another blogger, as recently as today, seems to have made a run for the rabbit-proof fence. Does anyone know where she jogged off to (other than Iceland that is)?

You may have noticed that I have two other blogs that I have neglected. I started the three of them at the beginning, each covering different distinct topics which have managed to blend over here in the middle. I would like to combine the three into this one blog, but don’t know if that is possible. Anyone?


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