Who is Whit?

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Whit is short for Whitney. I’ve heard the jokes. Honea rhymes with pony, and that’s why the name of this site is so stinking genius. But there’s more!

I’m a 40-something, middle-class, balding, white guy. I have strong opinions on things I’m not qualified to opine about. But that stuff is obvious. Here, let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

I . . .

  • grew up in a little town outside of Tucson, AZ called Marana (my dad is the mayor). It’s not so little anymore. When I was a boy it was filled with cactus and cotton fields, now it’s full of golf courses and parking lots. That’s progress for you.
  • attended the University of Arizona and received my degree in Creative Writing. Yes, it’s an elite program. No, they don’t get mad when I tell people that I was part of it (well, not that I know). BEAR DOWN.
  • am the co-owner of Limey Yank Productions (with Ed Sanders). We’re a lot of fun to be around.
  • co-founded Dads4Change (with Carter Gaddis) to encourage action with strength and grace.
  • lived in San Diego and Seattle, and currently reside in the greater Los Angeles area.
  • have been diagnosed with a rare disease called Achalasia, and it sucks.
  • am a vegetarian (so is the rest of the family).
  • wrote a book and you should buy it for anyone that lives on Earth.

I’m married . . .

. . .  see? Proof. This is the wife:

We have two wonderful boys:

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I’m so liberal that my father doesn’t want to talk about it. I don’t go in for organized religion or the designated hitter. I think the Beatles were the greatest band ever.

In the past few years we have dealt with an alarming amount of death in our family (including the sudden loss of my mother in a traffic accident during the holiday season), but I AM NOT A DEATH BLOGGER. However, I am a melancholy fool.

I love a good book, a hot cup of coffee, and a cold beer. I’m also partial to three fingers of whiskey from time to time. Dogs rule, cats drool. I’m impartial to fish, rodents, or birds as a pet. Unless it’s a loud bird, then I’m against it.

My family and I love Disney more than most, but less than some. We’re not weird about it if that’s what you’re thinking.

I’m tall. I talk a lot. My wife says I smell like hospitals and sausage.

That’s about it.

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