Dispatch from Disneyland: The Review

disneyland, disney, dispatch, john frost, bookLike any good story, my love for Disney started at the beginning and kind of went from there. My youth was spent in Arizona, and our family vacations to Disneyland have long served as the base of nostalgia and magic to a lifetime of wonder—something that my wife and I are now sharing with our children, living as we do an hour from the parks, and straight on till morning.

Once, when I was a teenager, I won a couple of Disney movies during a Disneyland giveaway. It was a major award, and it kick-started a collection that has grown beyond my childhood and into the family movie nights we now cherish.

I have written hundreds of posts on all things Disney all across the Internet, and there is every reason to believe that I will continue to do so. Disney is a part of our family, and our family is everything.

Needless to say, I was excited and intrigued to read the new book Dispatch from Disneyland by my friend John Frost, publisher and curator of the finest Disney blog on the web today, aptly named The Disney Blog (full disclosure – I am a contributor to The Disney Blog).

The beauty of Dispatch from Disneyland is that it isn’t telling us, the readers, about Disneyland, but rather it is taking us there. We are with John, seeing what he sees and hearing what he hears—we are experiencing his experiences and letting them dance lovingly with our own. Dispatch from Disneyland travels like a time machine, moving us through the years and pulling our own nostalgia into the history that unfolds before us. It is the magic we all know and love.

I have said it elsewhere, but it bears repeating, “Dispatch From Disneyland reads like a love letter to “The Happiest Place on Earth.” It is often personal, sometimes funny, and always honest. John Frost makes the reader feel like we are right there with him, taking in the smells, sights, and thrills of Disney magic. It is an E ticket read for Disney fans of all ages, and now I really want a churro.”

Seriously, a churro sounds fantastic.

Pack your bags and buy your copy of Dispatch from Disneyland today. It is a wonderful trip.

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