Dad’s Log: Summer 2013, Days 4-6 Weekend Roundup

boys in fedoras

Day 4: Went to bed late following the birthday party, which was a rousing success. Woke up early smelling like sweat and chocolate. We attended a morning screening of Pixar’s Monsters University and it was good fun. Then the boys did something while Tricia entertained company and I napped for three hours. It’s been a long week.

Day 5: Father’s Day started with fresh laundry (see sponsored post below), and had many stops along the way before settling down on the couch for the third and fourth installments in the Harry Potter movie series. We hope to get the rest in next weekend. The boys, having recently been on the Harry Potter ride at Universal Orlando, now know what fear is, so they should be okay.

Day 6: It is 9:21 in the a.m., and so far no sign of the children. I heard a toilet flush about an hour ago. My coffee is fantastic.

UPDATED: 9:29 a.m., I heard a door open. Breakfast forthcoming.

Please note, despite the use of the word “Roundup” in the title I do not endorse Monsanto or what they are doing to the health of everything.

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