My Life Goes Disney (More So)

Disney Whit HoneaThere isn’t a lot of money in professional blogging unless you’re actually good at it. Needless to say, I’m broke. However, there are perks, and like fezzes, bow ties, and the assorted fetishes of Doctor Who, perks are cool. They are the magic beans to my sad and lonely cow. Whatever that means.

I have some perks on the horizon and as such I am contractually obligated would love to share them with you. You are going to be jealous, and frankly, you should be.

Sometime in the near future I will join a group of bloggers for a Disney extravaganza, that’s right: EXTRAVAGANZA!

We will screen Wreck-It-Ralph, Paperman, Monsters, Inc. 3D, and the big dead dog, Frankenweenie — the latter comes complete with the red-carpet treatment of which I have grown so accustomed. Seriously, it’s pretty nice.

Disney Wreck It Ralph

Disney's Paperman

Pixar Monster's, Inc 3D

Tim Burton's Frankenweenie

Fun fact: One of the people that I will interview is the young actor Atticus Schaffer, which will be the first time I’ve seen him since this happened. Everyone loves a reunion show.

As an added bonus, when I return from the Disney EXTRAVAGANZA I am going to pick up the family and drive down to Disneyland for their seasonal event: Mickey’s Halloween Party, which is always an awesome time!

Disneyland Halloween

Needless to say, I am going to have a lot of posts over the next couple of weeks covering all of the Disney magic, and I am going to spread them all over the internet like so many apple seeds (pumpkin seeds?). It’s a thing.

Please watch the following sites for my take on the movies, stars, and Disney experience:

Babble’s Dadding
Wired’s GeekDad (new gig!)
The Disney Blog

Like I said, perks are cool.

You can follow along with the Disney Extravaganza on Twitter. FYI, that’s what the cool kids do.

I will be Disney’s guest at the events listed, but all opinions are mine. I’m like that. Thanks, Mickey!

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