Fatherhood: Don’t It Turn Your Old Face New

If you have ever seen me speak publicly on the topic of fatherhood then you probably noticed, just before you demanded your money back, that I am an emotional guy. In fact, my heart is tattooed on my sleeve, where the heart is actually an apple with my boys’ first initials carved into it, and the sleeve is actually my arm.

There’s a story there, but that’s a different post.

The good people at Philips Norelco (you may recall their kind contributions during Movember) invited me to work with them (despite this video) on a campaign showcasing the New Face of Dad — or in this case, five tired old guys with faces. It’s all relative.

I was joined at the virtual hip with Jim from Bobblehead Dad, Clay from Dad Labs, Jon from Blurbomat, and Seth from The Didactic Pirate, and each of us was asked to film a video explaining what it feels like being a dad.

That’s right, feelings.

You can guess where it goes from there. They say there is no crying in baseball, but dad blogging? You bet.

No refunds.

The videos will be released on Thursday, June 14 with a Twitter Party from 8-9 pm EST. I’ll be there with the other New Faces of Dad (it’s like an old boy band), and so should you. Use the hashtag #NewFaceOfDad and let your face be heard — at least 140 characters of it.

I hope you can join us.

If you want to talk about your feelings on fatherhood, please do so in the comments below. Crying is totally allowed.

A very special thanks to Philips Norelco and new faces everywhere. I am being compensated for this campaign.

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