Saving Money & Holiday Shopping

Everybody loves a good sequel. Here’s the one Ipromised Upromise. See what I did there?

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have agreed to write this if I didn’t believe in it. Also, they’re paying me. But mostly because they’re paying me. I mean, mostly because I believe in it. And I believe in you. Most of you.

Here’s the thing about Upromise — it promises to save you money, and guess what? It is a promise kept. How? Glad you asked.

If you put your credit card on file with Upromise you can receive one cent back per gallon of gas at Exxon/Mobile stations. That adds up.

They also let you get cash back from grocery shopping, restaurant gift certificates (purchased at, and the buying or selling of a home. Seriously. They’re like the lizard king, they can do anything. Where anything equals saving you money in an array of ways.

And here’s how they’ll save you money on your holiday shopping: The Upromise Holiday Savings Hotspot. Sign up for a free Upromise account and then shop through their website at over 900 stores for increased holiday rewards and savings. Many of the Upromise partner sites are offering double their regular savings.

Who are the Upromise partner sites? Sur la Table, Godiva, Disney, Gap, Toy “r” Us, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Sony, Target… and about 890 more. You like those places. You like saving money.

Am I right? Of course I am. Ipromise.

I did it again.

Disclosure: This winter I was given a rare opportunity to be a Upromise Ambassador, which means, yes, this is a paid post (the second of two). I hope that doesn’t offend you. The reason that I agreed to this relationship is twofold, a) I’m buying what Upromise is selling, and b) I would not have been able to purchase my children a single Christmas gift if this opportunity hadn’t come about. That’s right, people, you’re reading a Christmas miracle. Believe.

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