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Today is November 1st. That ton of candy on your table? It has expired. Melt it down for scrap.

Today is also Movember 1st (pronounced like it looks). It is the first day of a campaign created to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. It is a day to start clean-shaven (hi, Google!).

Team DadCentric is poised to raise both awareness and money for the cause. I was asked to shave and submit a photo. So I did.

I shaved, for the first time in a long time, and sent in the picture.  Here is the reply that I received.  It struck me as a bit puzzling.:

Dear Sir(?),

We know all the Brett Favres are doing it, but you’re supposed to send us a picture of your face. If this is your face then our deepest apologies.

The Person at the Place That You Pretended to Send the Picture

I was shocked. Shocked.

Also, pretty itchy.

Then I read the official rules and realized that the “mo” in Movember is for mustache, and that I’m to grow one this month in order to raise said awareness, donations and, knowing the the way that I look with a mustache, a few eyebrows.

I’m going to look like a real jackass. And it’s for a good cause.

Support Team DadCentric as we go forward, upper lip first, into this brave, new world.

Thank you.

Day 1, framed.
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