Christmas Card From a Blogger in Seattle

This post is part of a series sponsored by Shutterfly. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

I also blog with whiskey.


I received your Christmas cards. All of them. They were fantastic, and your family is beautiful.  I see you got the sweater.

They are in a box of holiday cards from Christmases past, packed away with other seasonal memories. It’s something I do so that I never forget you.  They are somewhere between the snowflakes and the sleigh bells, just under the brown paper packages tied up with strings. Also, whiskers on kittens.

It seems like I just put the holidays away, and now my thoughts have already turned to unpacking them again. They are the things I remember, simply, when the dog bites or the bee stings — when I’m feeling sad. I think of the card you took time to send, and then I don’t feel so bad.

They are a few of my favorite things.

I’m writing this because my family and I are terrible about sending cards. We always have been and we always will. Sometimes we skip a year.  Other times they’re late. Often we lose an address or forget someone, or just decide we no longer like you.  That last part isn’t true, but it probably feels that way standing at your empty mailbox like Chuck Brown and that kid with the blanket.  Sometimes the things we don’t do hurt more than the things we did.

I’m writing this because I’ve been given an opportunity by to share their vast collection of holiday photo cards with you, the public.  They’re also giving me cards, which is nice.

The hard part is choosing the right card. This isn’t due to anything that Shutterfly does — they make it easy, but because when you care enough to send the best you want your best to be good enough.  That’s why my picture will most likely not be on it.  Man, my kids are cute.

Here are the designs I’m considering:

The Cheery Year Noir 2010 Christmas Card is simple and elegant. Kind of like me, but, as I mentioned, elegant. In a world that isn’t black and white, it still makes a great card.

The Wonder Trees Noir Christmas Card is fun, and the trees are a wonder, but you probably got that from the name.  It feels like family, and I hardly know these people.

The Family Letter Blue Christmas Card hits home on many levels. There is ample space for pictures of the kids and a whole sidebar for me to write stuff! I may just cut and paste this post.  Also, Blue Christmas is my favorite Elvis holiday song.

I’m not really considering the Retro Love Holiday Card, it’s not really my style, but doesn’t this dog look like a Muppet? Or ALF? Man, those nutty Sutherlands.

Here’s where you come in. Yes, you. If you’re a blogger and would like 50 Shutterfly cards for your own use, well, those people at Shutterfly will make it happen. It is the season and all that. Click the link above and you’re on your way. And goodbye, I’ll miss you.

So let’s pretend we’re close enough for me to send you a holiday card, which one of the above choices do you like best?

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