A September Day

This morning we passed a firehouse, and outside it stood firefighters in uniform, a police officer, an old woman with a walker and a simple silence. They were oblivious to the cars buzzing by them. One was reading from a piece of paper and the others were deep in closed eyes and lost gazes. I turned to my young children and explained to them, again, what happened on September 11th.

I found that it is still hard to talk about.

In 2001 Tricia and I were newly married and living, albeit briefly, in Tucson, Arizona. A local radio show organized this photo opportunity for solidarity and support. We are in the top left corner of the flag, in blue, about three people in.

That’s thousands of people and a lot of love.


I’ve had this blog for about six years, give or take, and this little poem has been a part of it since the beginning. Thank you for reading it once again:

On a September day
when school bells rang,
and leaves entertained thoughts
0f leaving-
things went wrong in a world
that was much more right
than we ever thought it was.
On a September day
when bells rang,
for the dying.

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