Of Negatives, Positives and the Sparks Between

The headache had always been there.  It was sometimes dull and heavy, a brow filled with rock.  It was sometimes quick and sharp, the darting stab of wild claws trying to dig a way out.  It was only noticeable when it was gone.

I haven’t noticed it lately.

Stress winds through the body like a snake.  It coils down the neck, wraps firmly around the spine and stretches downward through the legs before pulling the toes tightly inward. The fangs are everywhere.

The pangs of the stomach are beyond hunger. It burns with acid, boiling from the throat to the taint. It is hot. A drop of whiskey is as effective as a cube of ice.  It is a hard, fast punch to the ass that keeps on going. And not in a good way.

Children don’t notice that the belt is tighter. They only feel that you aren’t as soft.  Decisions based on need leave children always wanting.

There is an edge that our tempers dance upon.  There is spinning and dipping and a fucking angry tango.  The beat is maddening and the roses in our teeth are filled with thorns.

The days ahead loom dark and cloudy.  May they be short-lived with glowing seams of silver lining.

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