A Poor Excuse for a Post

I’m filling in for Jason today over at ManTime. If you like your cursing to be filled with Zanger and dad-talk, come check it out! The show is on at 11am (PT) and will be available on podcast shortly thereafter.

And since this a poor excuse for a post, here are some things I’ve been doing on these here internets:


“Amazing Tales for Making Men Out of Boys” a Book Review by My Wife With a Running Commentary by Me, a Man That Used to be a Boy

Dan Zanes and the Fine Friends DVD – The DadCentric Review

A Pot to Potion

The Art of Pointing Fingers

A bunch of stuff at UpTake.

My part at Polite Fictions.


The Beatles and Disney – It’s On!

Twitter Fail Starring Jon Gosselin

And I Know God Because of KRS-One

FameCrawler can always use your clicks. That’s how the kids eat.

Then there was Twitter

And here are some pictures Atticus took:

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