A Sad Excuse for a Post

Bear with me. I know I haven’t put up anything groundbreaking since, um, ever, and for that I apologize. In response to my bio post, the one with all of the handsome guys, I do write for a lot of blogs and the fact is that the list didn’t even include DadCentric or FameCrawler, mainly due to their not wanting to scare away readers by publishing a photo of me. It’s understandable.

I write 300 posts a month. No shit. I said it out loud. That felt good. I also oversee the writing of roughly 700 more posts by my collective team (about 25 bloggers) . It’s a living. That’s why I haven’t been writing anything of noticeable quality on this blog—I’m too busy writing noticeable quantity elsewhere.

It takes its toll. I don’t get a lot of sleep and my “not work” time is greatly compromised. The real victims here are you, my readers that I cherish, and my reads that I haven’t visited in weeks. It makes me feel like an ass. Shame on me.

Just know that it isn’t personal. I’m just freaking busy.

In the meantime, Sweetney published a private conversation that we had and now Al Gore is out to get me. Again.

Also, Matthew is hosting an auction for the YMCA and some of your favorite bloggers have donated items (bloggers much cooler than me with items much cooler than mine). I volunteered to paint your blog. Yes, yours. Basically, if you win the auction I’ll paint what your blog means to me. If you don’t have a blog you’re getting “Bloggers Playing Poker” (thanks, CIII).

And in closing (did I ever open anything?), I’m going to start including links, occasionally, at the bottom of my posts that go to stories nearing traffic bonuses. It’s tacky, sure, but damn, I need the money. I won’t do it often, and I won’t even acknowledge them after today. Click on them if you want, or don’t. I’ll still love you but I’ll just be all the hungrier doing it.

On that note, I’m going to Disneyland (again). My family needs some Daddy time and they like it with a slice of mouse. It’s like a vacation.

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