The Origin of My Species

The other day I was asked by the drunk nice folks at MamaPop to join their staff to provide official coverage of the popular show ChuckHeroes.” I accepted because I have LOTS of free time. Plus, I wanted a reason to claim my satellite and DVR on my taxes. Done and done.

When my bio went live I realized that Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr was right, as was Huey Lewis, Avant (not Jason, though he’s probably been right about something), Kenny Chesney and possibly Hoobastank- the more something changes the more it stays the same.

Over my years of blogging and writing I have had a few published bios. Some are long forgotten and some are just outdated. Others were never true to begin with.

Here are some of them, in the order they were created. Am I evolving or devolving?

The Disney Blog:


Green Daily:

Urban Molecule:

Divine Caroline:



No, none of the links within the bios will work because they’re just screen shots. If you really want to click on one (and why wouldn’t you?) please feel free to click on the link provided for each bio.

So what do you think? Granted, I’m busier and greyer, but have four years changed me, or have I stayed the same?

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