Didi Pop: The Contest

As I mentioned previously we don’t listen to a lot of “kid” music. If I want my kids to listen to albums about animals I’ll play Pink Floyd. If they want a song about monkeys in the zoo I’ll play Dramarama- which also fulfills any requests for songs about crack and Kansas City. It’s like a bonus.

I never dreamed when I mentioned this that it would set the world of kid music on its collective ear. Within hours I had an email from one Deborah Poppink who thought she might be able to change my outlook on the genre. She used magic words like “thanks for your funny blog” and implied such things as “you’re talented, generous and handsome,” all of which made me think she might be on to something. I took her up on her offer.

Fast forward to today. Zane is very sick. Atticus is getting better. Tricia feels like crap and I look like it. I decided to run some errands and take the oldest boy with me- get him some fresh air while we shop for seasonal beers.

I checked the mail on the way out and lo and behold, the CD had arrived. Deborah’s persona is named Didi Pop and so is the album. I TOOK OUT THE BEATLES and told Atticus to listen up.

It was about 3 seconds into the second song, “Butt on the Bench” that he declared the music made him “feel like a spring” and started to bounce about the car, or tried to but had to settle for the inch allowed between his seat and the slack of the restraint. It didn’t deter him.

The music of Didi Pop is catchy and quick and the album continued to catch his ear throughout its entirety. Not once did I have to yell out, “this song is a freaking classic, shut up and appreciate it!”

He just did- except for the shutting up part.

Now for the contest. If you would like to win a copy of the Didi Pop CD then leave a comment below. Make sure you fill in your email in the space provided (it isn’t public). On Wednesday of this week I will draw a name at random and the CD will be theirs! Easy peasy.

Good luck!

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