Per Brandon’s Request

As I mentioned previously, some kind folks were nice enough to give me some topic suggestions. I’m going to do them all now because the wife and kids are out of town and I have no life. It’s very, very sad to be honest. I do have a cold Moose Drool at my side though, and some Vampire Weekend on the iTunes, so I’ll make the most of it.

Brandon DownWithPants @whithonea – you should write about how hard you are going to go down in fantasy football.

I am in four leagues this year, which is about the max amount I can play without getting too confused. I assume that Brandon is talking about the league that I am in with him, the official DWP! Fantasy Football league.

He is justified in talking a bit of shit as I stunk it up last season, but he apparently forgot that he didn’t fare much better. I blame a slow start by Drew Brees and injuries to key players. In addition, the scoring is like no other league I’ve ever been apart of and players that brought in big numbers for me in other leagues didn’t do squat in DWP!

I am ready this year and therefore I will NOT be going down. Besides, married people don’t do that.

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