5 Days in One Rambling Paragraph

I had family visit over the weekend. I fell behind on work, not because I couldn’t work with them here, but because I couldn’t work with them here. Tricia’s mom went to the hospital on Friday morning. She transferred to a different hospital today. She has surgery in the morning. My computer crashed on Saturday. Yes, my Mac. I didn’t believe it either. Something hiccuped during an upgrade and my operating system said goodnight. I spent 24 hours not knowing if my screenplay, my iTunes, everything for work and hundreds of pictures of my children still existed. They do. Time to do some serious back-up. Tricia was in an accident today. She’s fine. It wasn’t her fault. The car is slightly crunched. The new car. Tricia is staying with her father. He’s a quadriplegic and requires a certain amount of care. I’m home with the boys. They miss their mother. Zane is finally starting to use the toilet. Atticus broke the toilet. We have a tree and a plunger for emergencies. We have ants in the house. I’m freaking exhausted, Josh Hamilton is amazing and apparently God loves the Home Run Derby.

My mom called and asked how things were going. I said, “fine.”

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