A Summer Rerun: Making a Little Birdhouse in My Soul for the Haymakers in My Liver

This post (and photo) originally ran on July 9, 2007.

Summer has sprung, bearing teeth and claws. It is biting, really. It’s been well over 110 degrees here for the past few days. If you’ve never been someplace that hot, the best way to describe it would be to say that it sucks. Basically you are stuck inside from 10am to 6pm. If you are outside you need to be getting wet and moving very little. If you are outside and you’re working, well, maybe you should have gone to a better school.

The boys are still running free, playing in mud holes of their own creation (from water), and keeping the neighbors and their respective bejesuses firmly in check. Every evening I’ll throw the day’s kill on the grill and we’ll slowly start the 4 hour project that is getting ready for bed.

This, the evening, is usually when I allow myself to start enjoying a beer or three. Before I was doing the stay-at-home gig I wouldn’t regulate myself in such a manner, but now that a full day at home is the norm, and not a treat, I’ve found that any sort of comfortable behavior can easily become a habit, and drinking before noon, fun as it may be, is probably not the sort of thing my kids should become used to.

Which leads me to the now. I’ve come across a new beer, new to me at least, and I must say, me likey. It’s called Haymaker by Bridgeport Brewing out of Portland, OR. I’ve had other beers from them before, but nothing as tasty as this. It is advertised as “Sunshine in a Glass,” which, if you’ve been reading me for any period of time will realize, is right up my alley. I’m a sucker for all things seasonal. Granted, I lean more towards the colder seasons and the darker beers, but hell, sunshine? in a glass? What’s not to like?

As you know, I’m a man of few vices, purely puritan really, but I do love my beer. It’s right up there with coffee and pornography. I’m simple, but I know what I like.

I like sitting outside beneath the sherbet memories of a setting sun. I like music in the background that I can sing along to. I like my boys laughing, caked in sweat and dirt, running around me as I type this post. I like tasting a cold, crisp beer with my back to the breeze, knowing that I’ll take none of this for granted.

Summer has sprung, and I’ll drink to that.

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