Fresh Naps for All the Men

I’m tired. I’ve been writing my fingers to the bone. All day long. Every damn day. On Tuesday I met my writing partner halfway between our two homes and we checked into a hotel. We survived on beer and room service coffee for 20 hours or so and when we checked out we had the first draft of our screenplay done.

It’s a huge step. We have two legit producers waiting patiently for us to finish, and while we aren’t ready to submit it just yet we can finally give them an idea of where things are.

What’s cool is that I was using my partner’s phone and when I opened his address book the name after mine was Iger, as in Iger is listed alphabetically next to Honea.

Of course, that’s probably the closest I’ll ever come to having a working relationship with the head of the Walt Disney Company, but it’s a nice feeling, nonetheless. Is there a six-degrees of contact information? If so, I’m at Kevin Bacon in 4, easy.

My day today has been long and busy. Angelina Jolie may or may not have had the twins, and as such I’ve got to keep a constant vigil at her altar. What I really want to do is convince the boys that naps are fun and then take one with them. Anyone know how to pull that off?

BTW, special thanks to Phil for the pity win and sweet prize. Now if I could only win some sleep.

Congratulations are in order for the Big Dubyahs. A little bird* told me, it’s a boy!

*why doesn’t Twitter use that as its slogan?

So, how was your week?

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