The Wind Cries Mommy

Today was like any other day. I worked. I played with the boys. I got my check from BlogHer and thought about buying one of the kids lunch with it. It was slow, and then it was fast, and then it just sort of plateaued into the nothingness that I’m now passing off as this post.

Tricia was at work, like she always seems to be, and the boys were fighting over nothing and crying about it. Zane was upset and when I remained indifferent to his CONSTANT whining he started wandering around the house calling for his mommy. It would break your heart if you didn’t see it all day.

A few minutes later I found myself trying to put my finger on whatever it was that felt amiss. There was a disturbance in the force, but I wasn’t sure what was causing it. I never did finish my training.

I realized it was noise, or actually the lack thereof. Atticus was at my feet looking at books about dinosaurs and Zane was… not where he had been.

I looked out the open door and had my suspicions confirmed. The boy wanted his mommy, and if she wasn’t home then he would wait until she was, and he would be the first thing she sees when she turned into the drive.

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