The Last Strike

A few years ago you couldn’t walk into a grocery store here in California without crossing a picket line. It was one of those things that I supported in theory. Sure, I wanted the workers to have better whatever they wanted, but my kids still needed to eat.

Then there was the matter of the strikers themselves. Yelling hate and insults at people because they were buying groceries was not very cool. Now those same people are bagging my food stuffs and calling me ‘Sir.’ I hope it stings when I tell them I want paper instead of plastic.

Then there was the writer strike. I’m a writer. That is how I provide for my family. I felt for them, but it still made me mad. It made me mad that the people with the power to do the right thing would rather we miss 14 episodes of Heroes. It wasn’t right.

Basically, I don’t like the idea of society being punished so big money can keep their workers down. That should be illegal.

It is about to get worse. Yes, I love eating. Food is my favorite thing to eat, but if the grocers all closed tomorrow I would still be able to grow my own vegetables, pick my own fruit and drive to McDonald’s. If the networks stopped making LOST I would get by on TiVo and special editions of The Biggest Loser.

I could survive.

However, there is talk that Guinness workers are threatening a strike, and that is the final straw. Enough is enough. It’s time for The Man to be kicked in his change purse.

Don’t let society take this one in the liver. Step up Guinness and fix what ails you. And stouts you, too.

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