The Horizon Has Been Defeated

My stomach is full of acid. It twists and turns and burns its way through a bottle of Pepto and all the will I can muster. I am frustrated with things beyond my control and the helplessness weighs upon me like an anchor. My bitterness is a tide and it is in. My soul lies 4 feet under.

I dream of days better than this and wonder if there ever will be. These days are so far from perfect that they cut me and leave scars that may never heal and part of me hopes that they never do. There are lessons here and a bruise across a memory may save it from coming around again. It may save us all.

Still, there is happiness when moments pass and hope lingers when shadows loom. It all rises and it all falls- like this tide, and I can do nothing but step into it and feel the burn and wonder how far I need swim.

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