CBS is Proof the Terrorists Have Won

People love throwing that out there. If you do this or that the terrorists will win. It’s all bull. Usually.

CBS is the exception. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such a poor display of judgment as they’ve shown tonight and I just sat through 8 years of Bush. Yes, my team lost- something that has triggered some terrible outbursts from me in the past, but I can’t even be mad about it. I don’t even care. I am too busy seeing red over the fact that CBS showed the entire UCLA game, a game they won 70-29 (it wasn’t even that close) when there were three other very competitive games on.

Who makes that call? Who decides that they should show every single minute of a game that has been lopsided since tipoff over 3 games that go down to the wire? That person should be fired, and possibly kicked. It’s embarrassing.

That’s why I’m going to boycott CBS. Aside from sports the only shows they have worth watching don’t come on until after my bedtime, so it will be pretty easy to do. However, I am not alone. I am in the unique position of having a collective readership of over 8 million people per month. I think I’ll share my disappointment with the masses, loud and often.

The NCAA could fix this. They could offer games on demand. Sure, they are free on the internet, which is how I watched my team lose. I had a houseful of people come over to watch at least some of the game on the actual TV, but instead we stood two deep around my laptop to watch a grainy, delayed and tiny broadcast. All the while songs were sung around us of Kevin Love despite the fact he sat on the bench most of the second half.

The NCAA offers a package deal to get the games- all the games, and I’m sure that makes them money, but they would earn so much more if they offered individual games on a team by team basis. I won’t spend $69 for the entire tournament, but I’ll spend ten bucks for one game, and so would a lot of other people (NFL, take note). It’s stupid and I’m pissed.

I know where the headquarters to CBS are located, right next to the Grove. We go there often and next time we do I’m going to spit in their general direction. Fucking terrorists.

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