March and Madness

In the immortal words of me- it’s on, suckers. Today marks the start of possibly the greatest sporting event known to man (and woman), the NCAA basketball tournament.

This is where Cinderella lives and beasts are slain. This is where friends and co-workers draw names and fill brackets for money and bragging rights.

I’ve always been the guy in the office that runs the pool. It’s weird this year, working from home, sure I can watch all the games and start drinking much earlier, but I’ve no one to laugh at or avoid. It’s a hollow feeling. Luckily, Anthony and Chag both started online pools, meaning that any bragging will be done in front of you, the reader.

I went to Arizona, which is about as storied a college basketball program as you’ll find, however, the team this year worries me. They are the kind of team that could lose in the first round or go to the Final Four, depending on which version of themselves shows up. It has made for a frustrating season. I don’t have them going very far.

My pick? I kept it in the Pac-10 and went with Stanford. If the twins play their game they can’t be stopped.

The bragging starts now.


  • Speaking of bragging, I’ve been lucky enough to be among the first group of “Daddybloggers” to be added to the new site Alltop which is a great way to track blogs by genre. If you want to see others in your pigeonhole then check them out. If you ask nicely (i.e., $$) they may even add you.
  • This is why I would make the big bucks if I actually made big bucks, Babble has been nominated for an ASME (the Oscars of the magazine world) for General Excellence (online). We are up against Chow, the NewYorker, Slate and RunnersWorld. That’s pretty freaking cool. The award ceremony will be held at Lincoln Center. Hey, Babble, how about flying my broke ass out there? I’m a lot of fun at after parties!
  • There is a survey on the left in the BlogHer box. Take it and learn about yourself.
  • You look great today. Go get ’em, Tiger.
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