Horton Hears a Who’s on First*

Whit: Horton hears who?

Atticus: Yes.

Whit: I mean what does he hear?

Atticus: Who.

Whit: What he hears.

Atticus: Who.

Whit: Who does Horton hear?

Atticus: Who.

Whit: I’m asking YOU who Horton hears.

Atticus: That’s Who.

Whit: That’s who he hears?

Atticus: Yes.

Whit: Well go ahead and tell me.

Atticus: That’s it.

Whit: That’s who?

Atticus: Yes.


Whit: I’m not buying you any popcorn.

Atticus: Who?

(*only slightly paraphrased)

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