Sometimes the Foo Fights You

Holy crap, I am but a shell of the man I once was. Seriously, it is pathetic with a capital OLD.

I am exhausted, like I was up all night drinking heavily. I had one beer and I am just worn out.

I also stink. We ate dinner at The Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills, which puts garlic in every dish- yes, even the ice cream (which is not good). According to the menu they will make a dish without garlic for vampires, but then after you pay the bill they drive a wooden stake through your heart. Our breath was fantastic.

We arrived at the Forum, got our beer, bought a Davy Grolton t-shirt, and found our seats just in time for Against Me to take the stage. They were good.

Then came a crowd favorite, Serj Tankian, formerly of System of a Down. The guy has talent and seems to be pretty intelligent and world savvy, but damn, his solo act hurt. It was like watching a big fingernail in a fedora dance across a blackboard for 30 minutes. I tried justifying another $10 beer.

Finally, the Foo Fighters came on and rocked everything but the kitchen sink for two hours. They were even joined on stage by Lemmy from Motorhead, which was cool. The show was incredible.

At one point they came out to a second stage in the middle of the arena for a bunch of acoustic numbers and a triangle solo. It was moving.

Dave Grohl was hilarious. Did you know his favorite word is fuck? I can’t say that he used it every other word, because that would imply that he said other words as well. The crowd, consisting mainly of people in their teens through their fifties, didn’t seem too offended. It was, after all, a loud kick-ass rock concert and everyone knows that sailors talk like rock stars. Personally, I was all for it.

We got home around 1:30, paid the babysitter and went to bed. Zane was up at 6am, which was awesome.

I’m so freaking tired that I can’t even write (obviously) and I just realized that after putting gas in the car that I left the gas-cap off and the door to the gashole wide open. This after a car wash. With wax. That’s right, I sprang the extra buck for the deluxe wash, that’s how I roll.

And last night was how I rocked.

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