It Was 3 Years Ago Today, Sgt. Honea Taught This Blog to Play

Three years. Where does the time go? Who am I? How did I get here?

Three years ago today I was sitting in our new house (new to us), enjoying my one baby, my two dogs and hating a job that was slowly killing me. I was sitting at a PC (gasp!). I’m not sure how or why I decided to do it, but I started this blog (Honea is pronounce Ho-nee, hence Honea Express- like pony express), and the rest as they say is history.

Actually, I do know the why of it. I don’t have any family here and I wanted to make sure that my parents were able to get a constant dose of their grandson- the only grandchild at the time. I basically started the blog for them, but as you can see by the end of my first month I had already been bitten by the the blogging bug. Please note that I don’t have any comments. That is because I changed to Haloscan at one point and all previous comments were pulled. It is also because there wasn’t anyone reading.

I blogged in near obscurity for a good year and then some. What’s funny is that despite the fact that I considered myself to be a ‘daddy blogger’ I was unfamiliar with the fact that there were more like me. I thought I was alone on the internet, just me, porn and Al Gore.

At some point I wrote a post that actually received comments from someone that I wasn’t related to. I was intrigued and started to follow links and read other blogs. I wasn’t alone!

I started commenting on The Disney Blog and soon found myself covering for its author, John Frost, while he attended to personal matters. After that he invited me to stay on board, something that he has regretted ever since.

At that point I started getting links in my inbox about people that were making a living off of blogging. I told my mom thanks and to quit sending stuff. It wasn’t going to happen.

I came across a site called Dad Bloggers and started to write for them as well. It was just one post once a month, but it made me feel good. It made me feel like a writer.

The thing about Dad Bloggers is that the site is a bit conservative for me. I enjoy it, and I’m still affiliated with them (although I haven’t posted there in awhile), but how did they expect me to write about kids without saying ‘fuck?’

(Is this as boring as I think it is?)

Then I received an email from someone that I had recently started reading, the lovely Sarah of Goon Squad fame and she told me that she was surprised I wasn’t writing for The Blogfathers or DadCentric. To be honest, I didn’t know either and when I went to their sites I was a bit intimidated. They seemed so big-time, so legit. Still, I had stars in my eyes and hope in my heart, so after a series of begging and very awkward emails that required nudity and feathers I found myself on the sidebar of DadCentric. Take that, BlogFathers!

During that time our family grew and my mid-life crisis prep course kicked in. My job continued to wreck me.

One night I was home and had a few drinks. I saw that the Zero Boss was doing a bit of a radio show live on his now defunct blog. His guest was Redsy. I called in, made a total ass of myself and thought nothing about it after the fact. I was used to it.

That conversation with Redsy led to me being hired by Babble for FameCrawler. Basically I had a drunken, public interview. Suddenly I was getting paid to blog, just like my mother had always dreamed. I was somebody!

My poor math skills convinced me that I could afford to quit my job. Of course I hadn’t carried the one and my math drove us into the poorhouse. That poorhouse became my office and my life. I went A.H.D., and it was good.

I became the lead-blogger at FameCrawler and things got better. Then Jason Avant, the big cheese at DadCentric brought me on board at Parentricity. Suddenly I had two paying gigs and revenue from my ads. I could almost contribute to our family’s income. I could almost look my wife in the eyes.

Today, as fate would have it, I am adding yet another job to the resume. Jonathon Morgan was kind enough to add my dribble to Styledash. Yes, I have style. Yes, I do. I have style, how about you?

I haven’t posted anything over there yet, but I will shortly. I’ll be talking about Converse and shaving cream.

In a nutshell that’s the history of me as a blogger. I have met some great people along the way. That can’t be stressed enough. The community is what keeps me coming back (and of course the paychecks). I like to think that I’ve made some good friends. If that isn’t the case don’t tell me. I need that.

I’ve also learned a little about myself, which as I’m sure you know is quite fascinating. What a long, strange trip it’s been. Something tells me it is just getting started.

Thank you for being a part of the ride!



I just received note that Urban Molecule is now online. I have a story published there. Check it out!

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