A Walk to Remember

The previous post and this one started as one and the same, but as I wrote I realized that there was no way to segue my attempts at humor into what follows. It didn’t feel right.

Dan has some friends, Neil and Rachel, and they have faced a nightmare that no parent should ever face. In April of 2005 their son, three year old Joseph, died suddenly in his sleep.

Neil and Rachel have set up a charity, the Joseph Salmon Trust, which, to quote Dan, “supports parents who have lost a child by providing financial assistance to those who need it most. This may be to help with funeral costs or to allow the self-employed a break from work while they come to terms with their loss. Grieving families have enough to deal with without worries about where they will find the money to say goodbye to their child or pay the next electricity bill. Nothing we can do can make their situation better, but we can do something to stop it getting worse.”

Dan is doing something for the fund. He, and a group of merry men, will be walking 78 miles in six days to raise money. It is a touching tribute by a thoughtful man. They are accepting donations of any amount.

Please, visit Dan at his blog, or read more about the walk at this one.

There are many good causes in the world and I know that times are tight, but this, my friends, is something worthwhile. This is for the love of a little boy gone and the parents that remain.

It is to help those parents that have nightmares ahead.

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