We Came. We Saw. It Kicked Our Ass.

It all started at some outlet shops outside of Palm Springs. We were about an hour or so into our Christmas trek to Tucson and we wanted to check for some gifts and grab a coffee. Tricia was in line at Starbucks.

There was the smell of coffee, the warmth of steam and the festive chatter of the season. The sound of a loud and bubbling espresso machine filled the air. Actually it filled Tricia’s arms. It trembled and suddenly the smell of coffee had a rival for the attentions of our noses, and it was not a pleasant one.

Zane had exploded. Somehow his butt had had enough and shot its content upward onto Tricia and the clothing they both wore.

I stood in line at Starbucks. I did not hold Atticus.

The battle of the butt continued in truck-stops across the west and it stayed with us the entirety of our trip. Only now, home again for less than a day, has the matter resembled matter.

Atticus was fine. He was kind enough to wait until the night before the return trip to develop a fever.

In between we had a wonderful Christmas and found a few moments to relax.

So far only two grandparents are sick from their week with our little carrier monkeys. My boys give gifts that keep on giving.

Now we are home and behind on work and bills. There is a car still filled with toys in the drive. It is over and it will never end.

Thanks to all of you that sent holiday greetings! I hope that you and yours had a wonderful time.

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