A Random Blend of Memory

I’m surrounded by women drinking wine and talking about things of which my opinion is not appreciated, namely men and emotions. I’m drinking beer and wondering if it would be rude to turn on House. Probably.

There are things on my mind as well. Tomorrow Atticus starts preschool. As I signed up to be a parent helper, I too start school tomorrow. I also signed up for snack duty. I hope the kids like limoncello.

Needless to say, the boy is excited. Obviously he doesn’t realize what he’s in for. Sure, it starts off all fun and games, but I seem to recall it has its downside too. Eventually.

They say everything you need to know you learn in kindergarten, so I guess he’ll remain clueless for another year.

Personally, I can only think of one skill I ever learned in school that has served me well in real life. In college I acquired the ability to witness random and spontaneous amounts of vomit near and on my person and still continue with the festivities at hand. As I sat in the hallway tonight with Zane throwing up directly into my lap my mind returned to too many shots of Jager and I thought, now that’s $50,000 well spent.

So now I’m here surrounded by women drinking, just like college, and I still have the pants on (not like college, wink, wink, nudge, nudge) from my time in the hallway. They’ll stay on until I go to bed and in the morning I’ll do something that proved near impossible in the past, I’ll get up and go to my morning class.

I have a little boy that is excited, and truth be told so am I.

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