Smiling is My Favorite

It’s Sunday night. Elf is on the TV. I’m downloading Perry Como on iTunes and drinking my third bottle of Christmas beer. The boys are in bed and I’m eating a Jethro-sized piece of pie straight from the tin. I don’t even care who sees me. I like to stick to the 4 basic food groups, candy canes, beer, pie and syrup. It feels pretty good.

Sometimes I substitute coffee for beer and claim pizza in the pie family, but only when the moon hits my eye.

Our Thanksgiving was full of thanks and giving. It was filled with food, family and friends. Then it was over. Suddenly it is Christmas time and my days are filled with Buddy the Elf losing his tights, the required uniform, and midnight wanderings that end with me binge eating baked goods and longing for Hollis, Queens. Sometimes there are tears.

Here it is, my favorite time of the year and already it is fleeting. The holiday season, I’ve decided, is childhood in a microcosm. It is fun and nonstop. It is sweet and tiring. It is magical and expensive. It is over too quickly and it is bittersweet.

That’s why I put syrup in my coffee and end each day with a snuggle. You see, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is too sing real loud for all to hear. It helps if you are on your 3rd 5th beer.

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