Isn’t Halloween Over?

The trouble with having a holiday fall in the middle of the week is that it can become downright anti-climatic following a weekend of festivities and frolicking. Plus, it’s a school night.

Personally, I didn’t do anything festive, nor did I frolic. We did go to a party on Saturday night- very last minute and spur of the moment. I didn’t even have a costume. Luckily the boys were in their respective outfits. Tricia and I were the only people there without a costume. I hate being that guy. I hated it when I dressed up and someone didn’t. Now I’m the one pissing people off.

The boys had a blast. They did everything at the party that I did not. They dressed for it. They danced. They sang karaoke and played games. They ate junk and wooed women. I followed them around in a non-stop circle of fog and strobe lights. I had to. Doors were open and the only thing between them and a busy street were a couple of drunk guys dressed as the Mario Bros., and needless to say I didn’t have much faith in them. Hell, it took them months to save the princess.

Basically the kids wore me out and I had nothing to show for it but a couple empty bottles of Dead Guy Ale. Okay, 4 empty bottles. Whatever.

So now it’s the eve. We’ll carve some pumpkins and listen to the Misfits cover Monster Mash. I’ll throw some Great Pumpkin on TV. It will be okay. The boys will enjoy it, but me, I feel like I’m beating a dead horse. I guess that’s appropriate.

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