Halloween is Nigh

Halloween is upon us. Atticus has made up his mind that a) he is to be a pirate skeleton (see video 1 for proper pronunciation), and b) he is going to make the costume himself.

Financially speaking I am for this, but as I am the one that will be seen in public with him in his homemade skeleton costume- homemade by a 4-year-old, I am a bit hesitant to hand over the glow-in-the-dark paint.

The holiday has suddenly taken on a very big role in our daily routine. Everything is building towards Halloween. We cannot pass a pumpkin without plans for purchasing it. I’ve given in on a few little ones, but I’m hoping to pull off another magic pumpkin episode like I did last year (video 2). Otherwise our home shall runeth over in gourds.

Last year we spent Halloween night at Disneyland (video 3). We fell asleep to candy corn and woke to candy canes. That had been our plan this year as well but sadly that’s not going to happen. That means that Tricia will be working and the boys and I will be egging the neighbors.

I asked Atticus what Zane should be. He replied, “Zane is going to be a swordfish. I’m making his costume too.”

Um. Okay. With what?

“With fish and a pirate sword for his nose. And tape.”

Of course. I asked him if I should dress up.

“You can be Charlie Brown, Daddy! You’ll get rocks!”

This, apparently, was very, very amusing.

“Or,” he continued after the (his) laughter stopped, “you can be like me and Zane. You can be fish bones.”

That doesn’t sound appealing, but you have to admit, it’s clever. I’ll probably stick with Chuck. I wonder how many rocks I would actually get.




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