I Make Points Like Bush Makes Sense

Some of you, particularly the mamas & the papa (put down the ham sandwich Cass), may be aware of some heated topics being discussed around the blogosphere. I’m not going to link to it or give it any more press than this, because to be honest it makes my stomach hurt. Let me just say that I agree with the victim, but do not agree with the mob mentality that such empathy seems to breed.

There is an underlying theme, and that is how one should establish the appropriate amount of privacy and safety in regard to their children on the internet. As you know, I am about as open in this realm as one could be, stopping just short of providing social security numbers and pin codes. Perhaps you’ve wondered why I’ve shared what I have.

I suppose I am naive and trusting to a fault, that is surely part of it. I am also ambitious and have no doubt in my mind that one day I will be successful in what I pursue and at such time there will be no way to hide matters of family from those that wish to know it. At least this way I control the information. I am comfortable with it.

Still, it is an issue that causes parents to do things we don’t have time to do, such as think and worry. I waxed editorial style over at DadCentric and in doing so broke many an unwritten law. I did not use a single word of profanity, which is probably the most embarrassing omission. Some companies keep a curse jar where you throw a quarter in every time you utter a word that some deem “dirty.” At DadCentric we have a DIDN’T curse jar, and as such I owe it roughly $16. I will try to knock that total down in my next damn post.

I was also not funny. This actually happens a lot for me over there, but this time I did it on purpose. I’ve always been a crying on the inside kind of clown, but I thought if I played it straight perhaps the message would cause intelligent discourse. This backfired due to a) my lack of message, and b) intelligent discourse is boring.

Read it if you want, or don’t. I won’t judge you.

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