Bloggers, They’re Good People

It’s funny, baring oneself to the world is strangely invigorating. I almost didn’t write that last post, it was too personal, too embarrassing. Yet, what is the purpose of writing about my life if not to share the bad with the good? I have to be honest. I have to be me. I’ve had many requests to show myself naked. Well, that was it.

What is really great is the response I’ve had from you, the people. Not only have I had very kind comments, but also some very touching and helpful emails as well. This community of bloggers, it’s nice. It’s comforting.

Just so you know, we’re okay. It’s tight, but it’s been tight, and it will stay tight, then one day it won’t be. It’s frustrating, but it’s life. Every little thing gonna be alright.

A sincere thank you for your thoughts,


PS- okay, enough of this crap, I feel some funny coming on!

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