Sunday Looking Forward

This is going to be a good week. It started with my Steelers going 3-0 this morning. It almost made up for me missing this last night. Damn babysitter situation. I knew I should have bought one of those teddy bear cameras like they use on porn security shows. At least they drank to me.

Tomorrow is the return of Heroes. Tuesday is the return of House. The new Foo Fighters CD comes out on Tuesday as well.

Those are the things that make a week worthwhile, you know, besides the kids and the wife and the stuff.

I’m also working on some opportunities behind the scenes that may make it so I’m no longer living paycheck to almost paycheck. That would be very nice.

This weekend I’m flying to Phoenix to see the Steelers go 4-0.

How’s that for a week?

So, anyone have any predictions for Heroes this season?

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