I Rattled a Kettle…

Not in the biblical sense. We spent our Labor Day in beautiful downtown Pasadena. Rattling the Kettle‘s offspring had a birthday and we marked it with beer and nudity.

The adults had the beer, and all of the nudity was kept to those 2 and under, but still, it sounds rowdy, doesn’t it?

That doesn’t mean that my kids didn’t hover around the keg just like I taught them. They know not to walk away from free beer- you freakin’ stumble from that shit.

I had every intention of blogging about our visit earlier, complete with photos, but I forgot my camera and Dave seems to be taking his sweet-ass time getting his up (insert joke here). Besides, he may be a bit slow today. We left fairly early, but there was still plenty of things to drink and our host wasn’t the kind of guy to let his guests drink alone. Bless him.

So, if I get some photos I’ll share them. Unless they suck. Then you can see them at Rattling the Kettle. Got photos!

BTW, Atticus is bringing Mars and Venus together over at DadCentric.

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