Monday Morning Fireside Chat: Now With More Cream Filling

I’ve seen lots of coolish stuff on Gore’s highway this weekend:

  • Disney will be making a movie of The Dangerous Book for Boys- I’m hoping they stick to the feel of the book and tie-in the likes of Frontierland with a Mark Twain vibe.
  • Speaking of Disney and Frontierland, there is rumor of an upcoming movie by Jerry Bruckheimer, and subsequent park stuff, for one Lone Ranger. I’m not sure why I find this so exciting, but I do.
  • The Scorpions are releasing a new album, and some of it was recorded at my old manager’s house. Her husband is a musician with his own in-home studio and the band stayed at her house for awhile. They came into Chili’s and acted like crackheads.
  • Anthony said nice stuff about me. UPDATE: So did ImPerceptibility. I think once this runs it’s course in a few years, I’ll put together a “best of” post.
  • The NFL is back, and so are the Steelers! Thank whatever God you’re into.

See, cool stuff!

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