Brer Inzane

These pages runneth over with tales of Inzane and his inability to conform to the accepted social norms that keep us all comfortable and numb.

He has exceeded even his best malfunction. Thursday night, the fantastic four of us drove down to San Diego. I was scheduled to report on some Pixar activity for The Disney Blog from the ginormous Comic-Con, and we figured it best to make the 3 hour drive by moonlight rather than early morning bumper-glare.

We stayed at my friend’s place. D, yes, the same D from the tales of wander and wonder below, was a few glasses of wine into the evening by the time we arrived. The next day was his birthday, and we had made plans for the two of us to celebrate it on Thursday. We got there much later than I had hoped, and my celebrating consisted of almost 2 beers.

Atticus had fallen asleep somewhere around Anaheim, which made passing Disneyland a little easier. We reached the apartment and I carried him to the guest bed. He woke up, said hello, goodnight, gave us a kiss and was out till morning.

Zane? Not so much. He didn’t return to his highway induced golden slumber. He decided to channel Savion Glover instead. The echo of wooden floors in a second story apartment were new to him. The cuteness wore off quickly.

He refused to go to bed with Atticus, later with Tricia, and even later with me. He cried and screamed and cried some more. It took over two hours to get him to fall asleep, which is to say he exhausted himself until he collapsed.

I took my turn with him, and then I lay there in the dark of the hot room, disgusted with myself over the thoughts that my tired mind was entertaining. There was talk of a balcony and a briar patch.

Fortunately, Brer Baby fell asleep, at about 2:30, and was awake again at 6. Zip-eh-dee-do-dah-motha-fucka!

So now, in addition to not being able to go into a restaurant or library, we can add to the “no more” list staying away from his room for the night. Vacation may be relaxing, but sleep is more so.

I know that this too shall pass, and one day soon we’ll all be in our laughing place with blue birds on our shoulders, but damn, I hope it doesn’t kill me first.

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