Pieces for Sunday

Does anyone here watch the show Monk? Funny show.

On Friday night they featured guest Sarah Silverman in the reoccurring role of Monk’s biggest fan/stalker. It was creepy, but in a funny way.

I’ve encountered something similar in real life. No, not my own stalker or fan. It’s not like there’s some meme going around about me or anything. The crazy person I’m referring to is one of the many spirited individuals that visit FameCrawler each and every day. We get a lot.

I’m not giving the URL to her site, because frankly, I don’t want her getting hits from my page. However, if you were to go over to FameCrawler and read the piece from last week about a certain actor that used to be on NYPD Blue and is currently on CSI: Miami, you will find her link (the 5th comment). Please note that the reindeer that she addresses is not me, but another commenter. Read what she has to say if you want, but the important thing is that you visit her blog. You will laugh for a while.

BTW, I said “no” on the poll.

Also, I’m up at Dad Bloggers, where I continue my role as the black sheep of a pretty conservative flock. My post is a typical wine-induced rant that was inspired by a fellow Dad Blogger that found Ratatouille to be very offensive and not appropriate for children. That’s his right, of course, but it got the ol’ wheels, well, wheel, turning.

Something else I feel I should address. People seem to find it alarming that I post and comment as much, or as quickly, as I do. I just wanted to explain this before it becomes some sort of running joke, oh wait, too late. I don’t want my time online to end in tears. Again.

The thing is, that although I am throwing myself under the SAHD label, I’m actually working from home. I get paid to blog at FameCrawler, and hence it is my job. Therefore I spend hours, yes hours, each day going through my feeds to find juicy gossip. During that time I come across your blogs, which are also in my Google Reader. They are always a nice break from reading about Britney Spears, unless of course you write about Britney Spears, and as such I read and reply per blog protocol. If you guys checked your new feeds 15 times a day like I have to, then you would know what I’m talking about. I hope this sheds a bit of light on my blogging and posting habits, and makes you sleep a little sounder.

Have a good Sunday. I’m off to do the world’s earliest Fantasy Football draft.

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