I Have Promises to Keep

I think I’ve used that title before, or something close to it. I do enjoy me some Frost on a summer night.

Well, technically, it’s Monday, which doesn’t mean dick to me anymore, but I’m sure most of you are hating it. I thought I would throw out a quick menu for this week’s posts, just in case you see something that doesn’t appeal to your highbrow sense of highbrowness, you’ll be able to brown bag it.

Actually, I don’t know what day is going to get what post, which makes me dangerous. I do know that I have the makings of a fine collection of other people’s trash neglected posts which I will scatter throughout the week. It’s not too late to get yours in! Don’t act like you don’t have any either, we all have something we’re not proud of.

I also have two memes, or MeMe’s as they are now called, to get to. I have Island Girl’s Jesus thing, which I will do shortly, but only because she called me a thinking woman’s sex symbol- a statement that had more sarcasm than relish on it, but hell, I’ll take it.

The other meme I’ll do now, only because Anthony tagged me first, not to mention the fact he doesn’t call me a sex symbol, he shows me that I’m one. That’s hot.

That said, here are 8 things about me:

– I have four tattoos. I’m itching for my next one.

– I’m not a doctor or a cowboy clown, and I’ve never stayed in a Holiday Inn Express.

– I’ve had 3 short stories and 8 poems published. One of the stories has been published in three different places, most recently in a collection in India. Another story is being optioned as a motion picture as we speak.

– I was kicked out of high school for two weeks for smoking pot.

– I saved a girl’s life in Prague and spent the night in jail.

– I’m allergic to many fruits and nuts. Luckily, I’m not bi-curious.

– I was raised Republican by conservatives. Politically (and religiously) speaking, I am now the black sheep of the family.

РCoincidently, I raised sheep in 4-H when I was a kid. I also painted ceramics and did macramé. My grandmother was the instructor. *Bonus- she was also my hairstylist and gave me more than one perm. My family hated me.

There you go, 8 things you may or may not have known about me. I’ve been at this blog too long to remember if I’ve shared any or all of that before.

I’m not going to tag anyone, it’s freaking late and I’m tired. Goodnight.

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