I’ve been watching Gorestock all morning. I’m a sucker for big music festivals. The fact that there is a positive message being pushed is only part of the draw. I do find it humorous that the point of the show is to save the planet, with a special emphasis on energy, yet these 7 concerts are not running on bellybutton lint. They are using tons of energy to encourage us to sit on our asses in our air conditioned homes, laptops open and drink heavily. Well, I added the drinking part, but what the hell, makes me feel like I bring something to the table.

I do my part. I recycle. I don’t drive to work. I hate on smokers, aerosol users, farters and cows (methane you know). I even brush my teeth in the shower. Well, I did once.

I suppose I could do more. I’m guessing we all can. Later though, right now I’m watching Duran Duran.

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