The Short List

I have a short list of bands that I was unable to see in concert, for one reason or another, that I really would love to see.

The thing is, I want to see them in their original, or at least prime line-up. That means I haven’t seen Pink Floyd because I’m holding out for Roger Waters to join them on tour. I was never holding out for Sid Barrett.

I’m actually making some progress.

This is the list, with those I’ve managed to see since making said list, crossed off:

  • KISS
  • The Eagles
  • Pink Floyd
  • The Beatles
  • The Ramones
  • The Pixies (I’ve seen The Breeders and Frank Black, but not together)
  • Van Halen (I’ve seen Van Hagar and David Lee Roth, but not the real deal)
  • The Police

Tonight I am seeing The Police. Yes, The Police. I’ve seen Sting a couple of times, but never the band. I am stoked.

The opening band would be none other than my favorite band over the past 10 years, The Foo Fighters. Yes, I rock for a jazz guy. I’m a cornucopia of complexities.

As for my list. I could actually live without seeing the Pixies or Van Halen, although they are doable in the near future. The Ramones, that ain’t happening. Death ruins reunion chances.

Case in point, The Beatles, with two of them being dead and one of them being Ringo, are a long shot at best. Maybe I should settle for McCartney. I did see Eric Clapton, who is the only guy to play on solo albums of all four of them and played the guitar solo in While My Guitar Gently Weeps. So there’s that.

Still, the freakin’ Police and Foo. It’s a good day.

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