You Say It’s Your Birthday…

Well, it’s Tricia’s too. She is officially still younger than me. The boys and I bought her Justice League Heroes for XBOX. She’s not going to be happy when she realizes the game has every hero but her favorite, Hawkgirl, which they replaced with some chick I never heard of. I wanted to get her Guitar Hero, but I couldn’t find it for our system. That’s just one more notch in the “get a 360” column.

She’s not here at the moment. I was on an iChat (love the iChat) meeting with a possible producer for a script we’ve been working on (went well) and she woke up from her work and Jager-induced sleep and took the boys… somewhere.

Somewhere fun I hope. I hope they call me.

Still, it’s her birthday, she can do whatever she wants, but if it’s getting something to eat I hope she brings me back something. I’m starving.

Here are some pics of Trix and the boys:

Just making sure you’re paying attention. I snuck in some other boys too, namely Will and Kevin, and of course Chip. The theme? No it’s not about nuts, it’s about treehouses. Man, clean it up people, there are kids pictured on this page.

Happy birthday baby! Hope you enjoy your day.

I’m awfully hopeful today, aren’t I?

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