Goodbye Cruel World: A Letter

Dear Job,

Today. Today we part ways for the last time. I have been dreaming of this moment for eight years, more so recently.

I had big plans for this morning. I was going to sit here and drink my coffee and let years of unhappiness write itself. I was going to link to every post in which I vent and rant. I have done that before, and we both know how and why I had the blackness turning within my stomach. It was not pretty.

I’ve decided not to do that. I really have no desire. There is nothing more to say about what you’ve put me through. There is no more blackness. Today I feel light.

Today I forgive you.

You were not always good and seldom kind, but you offered me things that I did need, and you provided for me and my family the means to obtain that which we wanted. You allowed me a stage, and though you censored the script, the show was often a fun one.

I will see you in but a moment, soon and always. It will be the last time you and I ever dance. Once an embrace of fists and knives, turning in my soul as we, in turn, kept time to the music. Today we will dance with frivolity and let bygones be bygones.

When I leave you I will strip of the skin you dressed me in, and walk back into a world I have forgotten, fresh and bare, like a newborn, but with a slightly bigger penis.

Someday I may miss you, but for now I will settle for never having to hate you again.

It is time. Let the dance begin.



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