240. 241. Whatever It Takes.

I think I’m in trouble. I’m only two days away from officially becoming a stay-at-home dad and I’m already behind on the big plans I’ve, well, planned.

The problem is going to be time management. I may be staying home, but I’ve got shit to do. As many of you have kindly pointed out I now write for 75% of the Internet, the other quarter being extremely bitter and jealous. That takes a lot of time, research and porn.

I was on the computer so long yesterday, using the laptop at the dining room table, that my ass hurt from sitting. It hasn’t hurt this bad since I spent that night in the hoosegow. Except in this version of jailhouse rock my partner actually is a wooden chair. It literally chaps my hide.

Then there are the kids. Apparently my staying home requires a certain level of interaction. I am the chef, the ref, and the remote control. I also wipe a lot of ass.

Yesterday was just a dry run, a “soft roll” if you will. If it had been an actual SAHD situation I would have been out of beer by noon.

I need to work while home. I enjoy the bling in life. However, I don’t want my day to consist of me sitting at the computer and the boys sitting at the TV. I want adventure, fun, learning experiences, and I really don’t want it to include a big purple dinosaur.

Perhaps I’ll have to, dare I say it, wake up earlier, in addition to staying up later. I know, gasp! Time is a dominating mistress, and I have safety words to type. This SAHD gig may be harder than I thought.

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