Nothing Flat About California

I know what you’re thinking, but no, this isn’t another post about the official state bird, the Hooter (usually seen in pairs), but rather about an ideology that has come full circle.

Just because Columbus didn’t sail around California doesn’t mean it isn’t round. It’s a world within a world and only the idiots think it’s flat.

If you go as far east as Arizona, you will start to hear tales of our liberal state. Anything goes out here, they say, and even our republican Governor is so close to the middle of the road that should he swerve to miss a bush he could possibly change lanes forever. Well, maybe not.

The thing is, California is no longer as left as advertised and there is no one to blame but the left themselves. We’ve gone so far in one direction that we’ve started the curve back to start. We’ve gone so left we’re right.

You can’t fart in this state without someone suing you. The freeways are paved with eggshells (and littered with bullet casings). The status quo has been so sensitive and soft, bending over to protect those it deemed as weak, that it could be spanking it’s own ass, assuming spankings were allowed.

You can’t say anything here. We are too PC. We are too lawsuit happy. We are too tan. It borders on a police state. Literally, isn’t Nevada a police state? That’s where they film Reno 9-1-1.

We have walked so deep into the Pacific that I can almost make out the Jersey shore.

I only hope that the conservatives follow suit and wash up on Venice Beach.

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