Forgotten Poems & Why We Should Remember

I didn’t realize that the anniversary of Jim Henson’s death was the other day until I read Jeff’s blog. It got me to thinking about a little “poem” I wrote once and then filed away in my personal slush pile of forgotten things. The inspiration, other than the obvious, was a painting that I saw at Disneyland when I was younger that showed Mickey Mouse and Kermit the Frog sitting together, arms around the other, with their backs to the viewer and their heads lowered. I have never seen this picture since.

So, in tribute to the man and the art, and with a nod to Jeff, here is that poem (and the glaring reason it was filed in slush):

Wish Upon a Rainbow

A mouse and a frog
sat on a log
remembering Walt and Jim.
How rainbows and wishing stars
reminded them of them.
How sometimes child laughter
makes them want to cry
and now that it is after
their memories cannot die.
While passing is always tragic,
it cannot end the magic
made by these great men,
every time you think of them.
Remember, when you wish upon a star
it makes no difference who you are.
Every song about rainbows you ever hear
brings your wish a little more near
for mouse, frog, whomever you be-
even the lovers, the dreamers and me.

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