Sons of the Beach

What a difference a boy makes. This photo perfectly captures the personalities of Thing 1 and Thing 2, respectively. There is a wave breaking just a few feet in front of them. In fact, I believe I was ankle-deep in it when I took the picture.

Atticus, while a lover of all things loud and dirty, is much more cautious about the unknown. He likes to examine the situation and gain a bit of understanding before he commits himself to its ploy. He faced it, gingerly, and decided that spending the rest of the afternoon dancing with the sway of the tide was, in fact, an acceptable task for him.

Zane is the daredevil. He never thinks of peril other than how to wrestle it down. He stands stoic, grits his teeth, and dares the ocean to step to him. You can almost hear him mutter under his breath, bring it.

The ocean done been broughten. Word.

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