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I know I promised to come home and tell you the story about my moment of highly questionable heroics. I will. It’s just that Dan left a really nice comment about what a real hero does, and all of a sudden my story about blow jobs, KFC, and chewing-gum commercials doesn’t seem to appeal to me. I’ll tell you some other time. Do check out his comment though, it’s in the post below this one. No, I’m not going to link to a post that is just inches away. Get off your ass and scroll over there.

Speaking of nice bloggers (that segue was freakin’ smooth!), Karl was drunk kind enough to tag me as a THINKING blogger. You may recall that a sweet gal by the name of Sizzle made a similar remark. When she did it I assumed it was a typo, or pity, or perhaps she lost a dare, but to have two people make such a suggestion, well hell, that borders on a movement. Right?

Apparently all of my talk about sticking it to the man and beating pedophiles to a pulp with my bare hands has really shown my true color, a pinkish little hue somewhere between Rodin Red and Mensa Mauve. We bought the geek crayolas.

For the sake of the award I thought I would take this chance to toot my own horn (yes, again, and no you don’t really go blind from it) and link to a few of my past posts that might actually be worthy of such an honor. In fact, I’m just going to link to one page, the first one, back from February 2005. I know, most of you were still in high school, but it is a good example of how far I’ve come, or more likely, regressed, since I decided to step into the shallow end of the blogging pool. Humor me (BTW, it shows that I didn’t receive any comments, but that’s not entirely true. I switched to Haloscan a few months ago and all of my previous comments are now “hidden” awaiting my eventual transfer. What? Thinkers can be lazy.).

Okay, now for the part you’ve all been waiting for. Sizzle didn’t give me any direction when she tagged me. She just threw me into the world, full of wonder and searching for answers. Karl actually gave me instructions. That said, I’m supposed to list 5 other blogs/bloggers that make me think. Obviously my first reaction is to nominate the two of them, but then it would just be a big ol’ circle jerk, and how fun would that be… wait, don’t answer that.

Here now, with nothing further ado, are 5 THINKERS!

I gotta start with Dan of All That Comes With It. I’m sorry Dan, I know you don’t capitalize your entire title, but that’s what a freaking English degree gets you, a soon to be unemployed anal grammar snob. Of course, you actually are English, so what the hell do I know? I would say more, but I already talked you up in two consecutive posts, what the hell do you want from me?

David from Electronic Time Capsule, I’m going to Canada for this one. David’s site is more than just a blog, it’s a beautiful experience. Check it out. Tell him I sent you.

Jeff at the aptly named Jeff’s Place. Jeff has an excitement about parenting that always leaves me feeling better about it all.

Kyle from Beabo’s Ramblings covers a whole wide range of stuff. He lets me win his caption contests, which I always appreciate.

Does a pair of Jeffs win anything? They do in my house (Christ, is this reading as cheesy as it types?). Anyway, sorry to drag you into that Jeffs. My View of the World‘s author Jeff is always dropping political knowledge. Plus, he’s a Yankee’s fan. Also, he once posted a picture of topless co-eds. Chicks.

In closing, thank you Karl and Sizzle. I’m happy and tickled that my bullshit actually passes for thought. Also, if I didn’t nominate you, please don’t be upset, everyone on my blogroll is a worthy read. I could only list five, it was in the instructions.

Here’s me thinking:

“I think, therefore I am.”- René Descartes

“Think, think, think.”- Winnie-the-Pooh

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